A hands-on mini-course in nonlinear system identification will take place from Monday 08/04/2019 to Tuesday Noon 09/04/2019, right before the 2019 Benchmark Workshop. This mini-course will cover both parametric and nonparametric identification, linear, block-oriented and nonlinear state-space model structures. A hands-on approach is maintained throughout the course, participants will be able to apply the covered topics to one of the benchmark examples. An overview of the mini-course can be found below, A detailed program of the mini-course can be found in the workshop book of abstracts here.

(1) An Introduction to Nonlinear System Identification by Johan Schoukens (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium)
(2) An Introduction to Bayesian versus Maximum Likelihood Estimation by Koen Tiels (Uppsala University, Sweden)
(3) Identification of Block-Oriented Nonlinear Systems by Maarten Schoukens (TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
(4) Identification of Nonlinear State-Space Systems by Jean-Philippe Noël (University of Liège, Belgium)
(5) Hands-On sessions on the Best Linear Approximation, Multisine Signals, Block-Oriented and Nonlinear State Space Identification by Jean-Philippe Noël, Maarten Schoukens and Koen Tiels

The mini-course is open to both workshop participants and researchers who do not attend the 2019 Benchmark Workshop.

Participant Registration and Deadlines

The mini-course is open to both workshop participants and researchers who do not attend the 2019 Benchmark Workshop. Early registration for the mini-course is to be completed by the 1st of February, 2019 (register here). An early registration fee of 100 euro is requested for participation in the mini-course, a reduced fee is available for combined participation in the mini-course and workshop.

Please email Maarten Schoukens (m.schoukens@tue.nl) or Jean-Philippe Noël (jp.noel@uliege.be) if you have any further questions.

Early registration deadline: Friday February 01, 2019 Friday February 15, 2019.
Early registration fee: 100 Euro.
Late registration fee: 200 Euro.
Registration link: Register here.

When and Where

Mini-Course Dates: Monday 08/04/2019 - Tuesday Noon 09/04/2019
Venue: Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

The mini-course venue is on the TU/e campus. The lecture room (Collegezaal 2) is located in the Auditorium building (Campus Map) 10 mins walking from the Eindhoven railway station and 15 mins from the city centre.

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